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Modelio Tool for collaborative CPSs at the CPSwarm meeting in Klagenfurt

posted Jul 14, 2017, 3:12 AM by Alessandra Bagnato   [ updated Jul 14, 2017, 6:27 AM ]
Softeam R&D team was attending the CPSwarm Klagenfurt meeting, we are working to offer a  CPSwarm fully-fledged design and simulation environment, namely the CPSwarm Workbench, natively supporting iterative, computer-aided design of CPSs, with a particular focus on swarms of heterogeneous systems.

 Very great discussions on the CPSwarm Modelling Tool were held,  the implementation of the CPSwarm Modeler will support the Design Environment Language, its graphical notation and will provide a dedicated interface for end-users with an implementation of CPSwarm, SysML, and  MARTE based UML2 Profile for SOFTEAM’s Modelio tool. 

We are going to have 3 years of  highly significant research outputs and we are aiming to  drastically improve support to design of complex, autonomous CPS! Follows us on this blog and on twitter at