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Registration and Final Program of Industrial Track of 7th IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges In Information Science (RCIS 2013)

posted May 15, 2013, 4:04 AM by Alessandra Bagnato   [ updated May 15, 2013, 7:06 AM ]
Registration to the FITTEST project organized RCIS 2013 Industrial Track is open at [1]
Industrial Track of the Seventh IEEE International Conference on  Research Challenges In Information Science (RCIS)  May 31, 2013, Paris, FRANCE

Check out our final program enclosed in this post and at [2] and see you in Paris at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 17, rue de la Sorbonne in 'Salle 1' in the Pantheon Building on on 31st May!!

[1] RCIS 2013 Industrial Track Registration
[2] RCIS 2013 Industrial Track Final Program


During this 2013 edition of the RCIS Industrial day, we will continue to help the convergence of academia and industry, from all the different areas that want to/might play an active role in domain of testing and maintenance of Future Internet (FI) applications.

The workshop is about creating better testing practices for Future Internet applications and the help that European Projects research can effectively give to industry in this field.


Alessandra Bagnato, Softeam R&D Department, Paris, France

Tanja Vos, Research Center on Software Production Methods (ProS), Universidad Politécnica de Valencia , Spain.

Kiran Lakhotia, CREST Department of Computer Science, University  College London, UK.


Alessandra Bagnato, Softeam R&D Department, Paris

Tel : +33 1 30 12 16 60






Welcome to the 3rd FITTEST Industrial Day

Tanja Vos (FITTEST  coordinator) (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)

09.05 09.35

Development and Industrial Application of Multi-Domain Security Testing Technologies (Diamonds project)

Ana Cavalli (Institut Mines-Telecom/Telecom SudParis) 



Symbolic Passive Testing – Application to an industrial case study (Diamonds project) Pramila Mouttappa (Telecom SudParis)



Coffee break

10.30 11.00

PRESTO project, automatic code instrumentation from (Modelio based) models to process performance analysis at the software integration phase

Michel Bourdelles and Shuai Li (Thales group)    

11.00 11.25

Network Monitoring for Security Checking Using MMT

Wissam Mallouli (Montimage)

11.25 11.55

Extracting test models from textual requirements

Marc-Florian Wendland and Ina Schieferdecker(Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS)   

11.55 12.15

FastFix and FITTEST on Automatic Bug Assignment

Kiran Lakhotia and Syed Islam (University College London, UK)  

12.15 12:30

Modelio SaaS, Future Internet Testing in Softeam

Alessandra Bagnato and Etienne Brosse (Softeam R&D)




14.30 15.00

Using Combinatorial Test Design Techniques for Benchmark Construction

Bilha Mendelson (IBM Research Lab in Haifa)

15.00 15.20

Input Data Generation for Model-based Testing

Roberto Tiella (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy)

15.20 15.40

Event-based application debugging.

Alexander Elyasov (Utrecht University. Utrecht, The Netherlands)

15.40 16.00

Systematic Test Design with the Classification Tree Method

Peter M. Kruse (Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH )



Coffee break

16.30 16.50

Empirically-driven development of home-care services applications through TEFIS platform  

Nelly Condori-Fernandez (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) and Mohammad Zarifi Eslami and Alireza Zarghami (University of Twente) 

16.50 17.20

The multicore era has started. Are 40 years of sequential source code obsolete?

Korbinian Molitorisz   (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

17.20 17.40

Testing AUTOSAR components with QuickCheck

Alex Gerdes  (Quviq)

17.40 18.00

EU projects MODAClouds and JUNIPER - Writing and testing  transformations from abstract object oriented domain models

Marcos Almeida (Softeam)