Business card

For 30 years Softeam leaded innovations in the model-driven engineering domain.

We participated in various collaborative research projects in different areas.

If you are looking for a reliable partner with a huge experience in methodologies and tools for model-driven engineering, please, contact us.

In brief, our services include:
  • Proposal coordination (see ITEA 3 MEASURE, FP7 ENOSYS, REMICS, RTE Space);
  • Project coordination as a prime or a work package leader (see MADES, REMICS, RTE Space);
  • Technical integration leading (see CROSSMINER, FITTEST, Modelplex, MADES, MOMOCS);
  • UML and MDA methods and tools implementation;
  • Standardization at the Object Management Group (see INTO-CPS, SHAPE);
  • End user, case studies provider (see FITTEST).
The collaboration can be established in different formats including:

Check our Projects, Demos, Tools and Publications for examples of our research work.